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In this page, we will explain how to pass the job interview.

The step is as below.

0.Before You leave

1.Arriving At the Store

2.In the Interview


0.Before You Leave


You have to be prepared for ①your apperance and ② the resume.

①your apperance

Tidiness is really important.
No beard, clean hair, neat cloths are preferable.

② the resume


Almost all companies require a resume.
You bring it or you write it there.

You should need to check if you have to bring it to the interview or not.

It’s composed of 4 elements.
①Photo of face
②Personal history
③Workable time
④General questions

CV forrmat will be Japanese.
If you cannot read that, you may explain the situation immediately.

1.Arriving at Store








You had better get there earlier than arranged time,
because we Japanese people are really strict about time.

5-10 minutes earlier is common thing.
If you are late, the interview might be canceled.

Then, you ask to HR officer or manager.


2.In the Interview


Managers care two points,
working conditions and personality.

working conditions:
enough time to work, enough time span,

punctuality, tenacity, respect to others, cheerfulness
I think the attitude to understand and speak Japanese  is especially important.

Here is usual questions.

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