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Active employment of foreigners may be one of the solutions to the shortage of part-time job workers in Japan

We visited the Intelligence, Ltd, which manages information service for part time job seekers, such as “an” and “Line part time job” . This time, we interviewed Mr. Uedo, who is the chief editer of “an”.


The purpose of this interview was to hear the situation of part time job seeker and the meaning of employing foreign people from the company’s point of view.


The third of them from left is Mr, Uedo

—This time, we came here to know the relationship between the market of part-time job seekers and foreign workers. Nice to meet you.

Mr.Uedo: Nice to meet you too. I think that the theme is great. Today, Japanese companies face the situation where it is difficult to employ students and freeters, so they need to employ another target. However, as you know, social rogress of women have been active in Japan, so it has been difficult for Japanese companies to employ Japanese women. Considering the situation, I think that senior people or foreign people is good targeting .    

—Thank you for your comment. First of all, please tell me the detail of your bussiness for part-time job seekers and your company’s goal simply.

Mr.Uedo: We manage media for part-time job seekers mainly and help companies employ people by using the media. Our media publish articles about job offer throughtout Japan and  include not only web but also papar media. Recently, “LINE part time job” has been released to specialize in smartphone users. Our vision is  that “Hataraku ashita wo rashikusuru” in Japanese. This means that we aim to provide an appropriate chance of finding job, because there are many people who have different purpose to work.  



—OK, change the topic to more concrete story. Which industry has the problem of shortage of part-time job workers distinctively?

Mr.Uedo:Of course, convenience stores and factories have the problem, but particularly in the food-service industry the problem is more serious. In the food-service industry, the profit rate is lower and the ratio of personnal expense is higher than other industries, so if the personnal expense rises, it is difficult to make profits. On the other hand, there are many new entrants in the food-service industry, because entry barriers is low. As a result, the competition over human resource has been intense. However, restaurants can’t raise the per-hour wages because of the low profit rate, so the situation of shortage of part-time jobs worker has been continuing.

—You said that in the food-service industry, the problem of shortage of part-time job workers is serious, because restaurants can’t raise wage. Is there another cause of the problem?

Mr, Uedo: Yes. To begin with, companies have to curb as much personal costs as possible to make profits. Irregular employment is good way for companies to reduce personal costs, so irregular employment is increasing in Japan. As a result, part-time job offers are increasing and it is more diffcult for companies to employ part-time job workers. This is one cause of the problem. Decreasing of worker population by the influence of the declining birth rate is also the reason of the problem. In addtion to these, lower wage in the food-service industry is giving rise to shortage of part-time job workers.

—What do you think is the solution to the problem of shortage of part-time job workers?

Mr.Uedo: I think that Japanese companies aims to employ seniors and foreign people to solve this problem. But I think they give employing seniors priority over foreign people because there is the language barrier and the number of foreign people is limited in Japan.

DSC_0003(the member of Japanwork)

—You said that Japanese companies had the chance to employ foreigners to cover shortage of workers. Actually, do Japanese companies employ more and more foreigners?

Mr.Uedo:Yes. As I said before, especially the service industry which suffers from serious shortage of workers and non-service trade such as factories which doesn’t need Japanese language skills and have formalized work, employ more foreigners. As the number of foreign tourists increses, the stores of sightseeing spots start to employ foreigners actively.

—Especially, what company does employ foreigners actively?


Mr.Uedo: The company which was satisfied with employing foreigners continues to employ foreigners. When a company wants workers who have language skills, or suffers from a shortage of workers, that company starts to employ foreign people. As a result, if the company is deeply satisfied, they want to employ more foreign people. This is how virtuous cycle is caused.

—What advantages does such company feel through employment of foreigners as part-time workers?

Mr.Uedo: Firstly, foreign workers can make up for labor shortage, and secondly, foreigners tend to work harder. Especially the latter advantage is greater. Foreign people tend to work harder than some Japanese part timeworkers who start part-time jobs to make friends. I think this tendency is caused by foreigners`definite purpose of learning Japanese language and manner and so on.As a result, they work hard for a long time, and companies can  reduce costs of employing new part-time job workers. So more and more companies are satisfied with foreign workers.

—On the other hand, Why do  you think some companies don`t start active employment of foreigners?

Mr.Uedo: I think such companies don’t really understand the detail of employment of foreign people, so there is a significant barrier about that. Many companies don’t know that foreign students can’t work above 28 hours a week, and the procedures for employment of foreign people.

—In the future, what do you think is important to promote employing foreign people as part-time job workers?

Mr.Uedo: I think it is important for japanese companies to understand more details about employing foreigners and feel the benefit of that, and to make job manuals for foreigners. Many companies have even little knowledge about employment of foreigners, and don’t feel advantages of employing foreigners, therefore, they don’t have that choice. Then, increasing success stories of employment of foreigners lead to development of understanding and employing foreigners. Also, when they employ foreign people, they will face language barriers and the barriers of cultural difference. So, in order to reduce these barriers, making manuals is important helpful for foreign workers.

—Do you think that employment of foreigners may be one of solutions to shortage of workers?

Mr.Uedo: Yes, I do. I wish you the best!

Mr.Uedo said that it is important for japanese companies to understand more details of employing foreign people. From now on, in order to create an environment of active employment of foreigners, JapanWork will continue the activities to solve these problems.

JapanWork takes full responsibility for the wording and content of this article.

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