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Common way to apply a part time job in Japan

Today, we’ll introduce a common way to apply a part time job in Japan. we often see foreign people in Japan have difficulty in applying to job.  When Japanese part time job seekers apply to jobs, they seldom contact the store or the restaurant where they want to work by phone. Instead of that, they apply to the job through the Internet. We’ll show the flow of application to a part time job through the Internet. You should try it, if you want to work in Japan.



1. Look for web media which have information of job offer

First of all, you have to look for such media, because it is common that the company which want many hands publishes job offer on media. There is a lot of information about part time job on the media. For example, Japanwork is the one of them.




2. Apply to jobs through web application form

If you find a good job offer, you have to apply to the job by filling web application form. Then, You need a little Japanese writing skill, because the application form probably requires Katakana or Hiragana. If there is phone number in a job offer, you can call the company. Otherwise, a company accepts job application through web application form.  If you can’t find a web application form, you should look for the word “web応募”  For people who are good at reading Japanese, there are some videos which help you apply to jobs with web application form in Youtube. This is one of them.


①fill the application form



3. Receive the mail from the company you applied to and Wait the phone call from the company

If you finish applying to the job, you’ll receive the mail from the company at your Email address, which you typed in the web application form. After that, the company will call you to tell the day and place of interview within one or two days. If you have no phone call from the company, it is likely that your application is failed.



As above flow, if you want to work in Japan, you should apply to jobs through web application form. However, you have to write and speak Japanese a little, so you should practice a series of the procedure !

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