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The life of a foreign student in Japan


I came to Japan in June, 2015. I am a Myanmar. My ambition is to be not only a language teacher but also a tourist guide. I like Travelling and I’m proud of my country such as rich in natural resources and tourist attraction. Now I’m trying to improve my general knowledge and experience. I want to be good at both of English and Japanese. I’m studying Japanese Language at Tokyo Cosmo in Takadanobaba, Shinjuku, Tokyo. This is the introduction of me.

My father is a teacher. He isn’t a rich man. But he want me to be an educated girl. He supported me to study in Japan. I have got only Tution Fees from him. I am working part time job for the living expense in Japan such as (apartment rental, daily expense for meal, clothes, etc). At first I face to many trouble to get job.

I want to share the life of a foreign student in Japan. If I have time, I continue to write who help me to get jobs and what should we have to get job in Jp and I want to introduce you Job agents. I also want to share the difficulties in Japan for a foreign students especially Myanmar Students.


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introduction:I am a foreign student. Now I am learning Japanese at Tokyo Cosmo. I want to share knowledge by using the internet. I am going to write my experience in Japan on the facebook. Let’s me know your advice and experience. I want to say that what kinds of jobs I’m doing and how to overcome the difficulties in Japan. Let’s chat friendly on facebook.

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