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Jobs in Japan which many foreigners get

Many students face to difficulties to get job in Japan. I think they need to understand Japanese daily conversation. Most of the students are good at writing but weak in speaking. The main problem to understand daily activities is language pronunciation. Some of the people are neither speak nor write Japanese. Someone understand what Japanese says but they can’t reply immediately. A few people are good at writing and speaking. There are a lots of part-time jobs in Japan such as Super Market, Restaurant, Ministop, Sagawa Transporation , Yamato Transporation, Food Factory and so on. You must choose what job is suitable for you. I want to explain the duty of a staff in a various positions as much as I can.



1.The duty of a cashier at the Super They speak friendly to the customers, they make up their face smile, they must say rapidly the same conversation while they are working. Their activities always fast and they must arrange goods in the basket systematically.


2.The duty of a Sagawa Transporation They must carry 15kg weight. But this job no need to Japanese Skill. If you are strong and healthy, you’ll choose this. Because this job can do without stress.


3.The duty of a Food Factory You must stand a long time and you must obey the rules in this factory. You must put on the following photo.

I’ll stop my article. I’m try to continue writing.


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introduction:I am a foreign student. Now I am learning Japanese at Tokyo Cosmo. I want to share knowledge by using the internet. I am going to write my experience in Japan on the facebook. Let’s me know your advice and experience. I want to say that what kinds of jobs I’m doing and how to overcome the difficulties in Japan. Let’s chat friendly on facebook.

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