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Interview of Su Myat Aung

Hello, everyone ! This time, we interviewed a foreign student from Myanmar. She is Su Myat Aung, who came to Japan on 18th, June, 2015.


—Why did you come to Japan ?

Because, I want to study Japanese Tradition, Living style and see Japanese technology. Japanese festival, especially the Obon festival is famous in Myanmar, so I often watched it on TV and wanted to see it someday.


—Sounds great!  I often go to the obon festival and enjoy it !

—As you said that you want to see Japanese technology, what are you interested in about Japanese technology?


I’m interested in Japanese high technology of cars and erectric appliances. Japanese car has the largest share in Myanmar.  

—Is anything which you are in trouble over Japan?

I have a little trouble in Japanese manners, such as folding my arms. In Myanmar, folding our arms seem polite. However, in Japan, that seems rude in Japan. These cultural differences are troubles for us, foreigners, but I can learn most of them in the language school, so I don`t often care about that.


—How is your life style?

Please tell me a store you often visit or place where you often play.


-Now I am studying Japanese language. I work part-time job 4 times a week. I often visit the places which are famous, such as Disney Land, Ueno, Kasai Park, Akihabara, Kamakura, and ski areas. In Myanmar, I rarely see snows because we cannot see it only around mountains, so I am looking forward to seeing snows.

Since I live near Takadanobaba, I often go to McDonald`s, Burmese restaurant, and rotation sushi. Even in Japan, McDonald`s is so cheap and fast that I most often go there.


—Where is your favorite place?

I like Akihabara best.I like electric appliances such as cameras, so I often do window-shopping at electronics retail stores.


—What is your favorite food in Japan?

My favorite food is Sushi, especially Natto, shrimps, and tuna. I often go to rotation sushi.I know Higashginza is famous for great sushi, so I want to go there someday.


—What do you want to tell other foreigners in Japan?

During your life in Japan, you should meet many Japanese people and make friends with them because that makes you learn Japanese language and culture more easily.


Thank you!

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