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You should choose your jobs considering your Japanese language skills.


Most of the students have to work for their living cost and school fee in Japan. At first they face to difficulties to get jobs.

Some use the Town work to get job, some use the internet, some go to the jobs agencies. Among them using town work is the most difficult to get jobs because they must call the shop they want to work. I think using the phone is difficult to understand each other. Some Japanese speak fast for a foreigner.

I want to advice you. Before you choose your work, you should think of what kinds of job are you interested in. Most of part time work in Japan are Service Jobs such as staff in a Super, Waiter, Factory and so on. Staff in a Super and Waiter need to Japanese Skill. They can understand daily conversation and the words related in your jobs. The staff in a factory not need to Japanese Skill but their bodies must be strong and healthy.


I want to tell you the job I’m working. The place I’m working is Itoyokado Super. I’m working as a cashier there. I have to tell these words over 1000 time in 5 hours per day.

いらっしゃいませ おはようございます こんにちは こんばんは eg. 1350¥ でございます 1500¥ おあずかりします。 150¥ おかえしします。 どうもありがとうございました。 またおこしくださいませ。

This is the job I’m doing now. Life is plenty of difficulties and failures until succeed .Just encourage myself to stand up & fight back . Fighting

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introduction:I am a foreign student. Now I am learning Japanese at Tokyo Cosmo. I want to share knowledge by using the internet. I am going to write my experience in Japan on the facebook. Let’s me know your advice and experience. I want to say that what kinds of jobs I’m doing and how to overcome the difficulties in Japan. Let’s chat friendly on facebook.

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