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Get jobs manual in Japan

You can know all about getting the job in Japan for about 5 minutes.

Even if you stay in Japan for short time, you can know how to get the job.

If you have some troubles to get the job, please check this manual.

Index→ for the job→2.web application→ to write your resume→4.preparation for the interview→5.the manners at the interview→6.after the interview for the job



You have to decide which job you apply to. You can search for your favorite job by using JapanWork.

JapanWork picks up for jobs which is available for those who are not good for Japanese.

So, if you don`t speak Japanese well, don`t worry.

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2.web application



In order to apply to the job, you have to fill out the application form in the website.

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You usually have to bring your resume to the interview. This may be difficult for you because you have to write all in Japanese. However, you don`t need to worry. We teach you how to write it.

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4.preparation for the interview


You have to talk with the interview staff in Japanese. However, the interviewer usually asks similar questions, so you can pass the interview if you prepare for that.

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5.the manners at the interview


You should greet in a loud voice to give good impression to the staff. We will explain you about the manners at the Interview.

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6.after the interview


After the interview, you only have to wait for the result of the interview.

If you pass, you should prepare for the start of your work.

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