Job ID : 15373

Wait staff and kitchen staff at an izakaya in Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

Company Name Kushikatsu Tanaka Hyakkendana branch
Job Type part time
Job Categories food,service
Prefecture Tokyo
Town Shibuya-ku
The Nearest station Shinsen
Address Dougenzaka 2-18-7, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Minimum Japanese Skill N3
Working Hours Shifts between 10am-2am (next day)
Minimum Working Hours per Week At least 2 days per week, at least 3 hours per day
Wages(per hour) 1000+ yen per hour (High school students 950+ yen per hour). 30,000 yen will be rewarded to celebrate hired people who come to work on the first day.
Transportation expense partly paid
The Detail of the Job Wait staff: show customers to their seats, take orders and deliver them to the table, make alcohol drinks, etc. / Kitchen staff: Help make dishes presentable, assist chefs with easy cooking, etc. / Kitchen staff: Wash dishes, assist cooking dishes including kushikatsus, etc.
Requirement no need
Experience no need

*This job is only for those who currently live in Japan. Please don't apply from outside of Japan.

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You go to the job offer page of the company in Japanese after you click the below link.

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