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You can master a basic way of finding jobs in Japan

Foreign people tend to have difficulty in understanding it because of difference of culture, but you will easily find suitable jobs for you by reading this article.


Start to find jobs


Now that you came to Japan, you want to find new jobs. Let’s find jobs which are appropriate for you together. First of all, you need to know yourself.


    What jobs or experiences do you really want to do?

    To what degree of Japanese language skills do you have?


By referring to these questions’ answers, you should decide specific jobs.

For instance, if you have N2, you can select to work in covenience store or some factories.If you are good at speaking Japanese, or  you want to learn Japanese culture,  jobs regarding sightseeing can provide you with good chances. The under graph is example of jobs.




stores which foreign people manage, ex) Indian restaurant


light work, ex) picking and sorting smartphone accesories and so on


kitichen staff, cleaning staff, hotel staff, or handing out something


restaurant, convenience store, or some factories


any work


Search job information practically


There are many kinds of job information, however, in Japan, we recommend you to   search them on website. This is because you can get a mass of information effectively  from Internet in Japan. There are some important points when you read job information on website.


1 Conditions of places and times

2 Wages

3 Contents of tasks


Please check these points carefully, because these items may be diffrent from your country.


Use web page of Japanwork


Now, search job information of Japanwork. You can see many kinds of jobs. Starting to limit location and occupation is good. When you encounter attracting jobs for you, please read details. Finally, among various types of jobs, you will find optimal jobs.







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