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Apply for a part time job by making use of JapanWork page


Nowadays, you will enjoy the beauty of cherry blossoms.

Here, we show you how to use our website, and you will be able to apply for jobs smoothly.

First, go the website of JapanWork!




On our website, there are a lot of jobs information which you, foreigners relatively want to get. Please keep scrolling down. You will be surprised at a lot of kinds of work. We offer many types of jobs, such as handing out tissue paper, light work at famous factory, and cleaning staff. Or, you can search from places and types of jobs. When you encounter nice job for you, let’s read details carefully.






Next, fill web application form!


After click the button of “application online”, you have to fill web application form. This part is little difficult for you because you need Japanese writing skills. You need to master カタカナand ひらがな at first. There are some types of application forms, but the main information you must to write is your personal data, the date of your birth, your address, and so on. Sometimes you have to fill visa types or Japanese skills.






There is also a useful map on the website and a movie that show you how to apply for a job and fill the application form.

Third, receive the mail and wait the phone from the company you applied to!


After sending web application form, you will receive mails the company to ensure the application. The company call you in order to decide the date and place of job interview. Please bear in mind to correspond politely as possible. If you have no mail or phone, you may be failed. Then, you try to apply another job!


In this article, we introduced you the common way to apply a part time job. I think you still have questions and worries. That is no problems! Please read other articles!We provide you a lot of information so as to help your getting jobs in Japan.


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