Job ID : 5966

Nursing care at Narihira, Sumida-ku. Without any qualifications, you can work and get certificate.(Haken company)



Company Name 株式会社ミライズ【MIRISE CO., LTD.】
Job Type full time
Job Categories food,service
Prefecture Tokyo
Town Sumidaku
The Nearest station Oshiage station
Address 東京都墨田区業平
Minimum Japanese Skill N4
Working Hours 7:00~16:00, 8:30~17:30, 11:00~20:00. you can do shift work between these time zones.
Minimum Working Hours per Week At least 5 days per week. This job is long-term and full-time dispatch job, so if you have work limit of 28 hours, you cannot apply to this job.
Wages(per hour) 1,100〜 yen per hour
Transportation expense no paid
The Detail of the Job We want you to do Livelihood support such as meals, taking a bath, cleaning, washing, and excretion according to nursing care plan at Special elderly nursing home.
We offer both day service and visiting service.
You can enjoy some events with local people and get to know many people at the facility. Let's enjoy working and having events such as summer festival and Christmas party in order for resident of facility to be satisfied with our facility.
[feature of this workplace]
・MIRISE CO., LTD. gives human resource services focusing on nursing care.
・We can support those who don't have qualifications of nursing care. Please make use of our training program and get the qualification.
・We can cover your transportation expenses at training period.If you can get qualification, we will raise the salary.
・We can employ you as permanent staff even if you start to work as temporary staff and continue to work for long time.
Requirement Permanent Resident
Spouse or Child of Japanese Nationals
Spouse or Child of Permanent Resident
Long-term Resident
Experience no need. If you have work experience of nursing care, you can work easily.

*This job is only for those who currently live in Japan. Please don't apply from outside of Japan.

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