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Generally, securing a job can be a difficult hurdle to cross. Even more, it can be a daunting task when one has to find a job in a foreign country with different cultural setting where language barrier is the most visible one. This is the daily problem most foreigners in Japan seeking part time jobs/full time jobs grapple with in their search. While it is admissible that breaking this barrier is no small task, it can be easy when one starts off equipped with the right information. This article provides useful tips on how to get a job in Japan.


The first reason why finding a job in Japan can be difficult is that there is a huge difference in the job ethics and work culture in Japan and the home country of many foreigners. It is therefore important to familiarize oneself with the job ethics and work culture of Japan to have a successful job search. The first place to start off is the internet. Before one start off his/her job hunt, it is important to read about the Japanese work environment and what it is required to do to land oneself a job.


The second thing is where to find the job. There are lots of useful job advertising websites that maintain job advertisement in English Language. Most of these advertising agencies are on social media platforms as well. Japan Work is a very useful platform to start your job hunt. Search and like our page on Facebook or visit and get updated vacancy announcements.


Another most important thing needed to apply for job is curriculum vitae (CV)/Resume. One has to put a CV together as the one of the first most things to getting a job. It is worth knowing that resume form/format (rirekisho in Japanese) are sold in convenience stores. It is mostly a requirement to complete this form. It may be difficult for foreigners who do not know the Japanese language to complete this form. Do not worry, it is fine to have a Japanese friend complete the rirekisho on your behalf, but do indicate that on your resume. As it is well known, job requirements vary from one company to the other. Thus, it is important for one to read and understand the requirements of each job so as to tailor make ones resume (rirekisho) to meet the demands of the job been applied for.


Perhaps, the most important information one has to note is that most jobs in Japan require submission of online application. Below, I have attached the online application form with instructions on how to complete and submit the online form via Japan Work platform.




In the first column of the form (名前), you are required to write your name in Full. Write your family/surname first and then in the second column write your first/given name. This should be done with English alphabets not in Japanese.

In the second column (フリガナ), you are required to write your name in katakana , with your surname/family name in the first column following by your first/given name(s). Please note that you should not add space or any punctuation marks in between names. Make sure you use full-width and not half-width to write your name in katakana. Failure to do so will not allow you to submit your form.

The following (性別) step asks of your sex. The one on the left is male and the right is for female.

The next step (生年月日) requires you to provide your date of birth in the format yyyy/mm/dd.

In the next column (現在の職業) you are demanded of to indicate your occupation. If you are a university student choose the 3rd option from the dropdown menu.

Provide your email address in the next column (メールアドレス).
The next column (電話番号)requires you to provide your telephone number. Please, do not put space between the numbers.

After this, the next and last column (住所) asks for your postal code. Please enter your postal code correctly without space between the numbers. Once done correctly the other two columns completes automatically. Scroll to the bottom and then submit the form.

If you have any issues with the half-with and full-with, you may visit the follow link for help At this web address, type your name without space in the bigger dialogue box and then copy the translation that appears beneath it in the dialogue box on the left side of your screen and paste in the online application form. Do this separately for Surname/family name as well as for first/given names.


Equipped with this information, we hope you find a job soon.

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