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Finding your way out of immigration procedures and obtaining a permit to engage permissible activities in Japan

Why you must understand immigration rules

The purposes for which individuals travel are various and yet not static. The primary reason why an individual travels to a particular country may change as one gets integrated into a country and begin to enjoy his or her stay. During one’s period of stay in a foreign country, several opportunities may avail itself to the foreigner. The most common amongst such opportunities is the opportunity to engage in activities that earn income. However, income earning activities in every country have rules and regulations that govern them. Such issues fall within the domain of immigration. This makes the understanding of immigration rules especially in the aspects of what activities are permissible under one’s status of residence very crucial.


Engaging in illegal activities or those that are not permissible under one’s status of residence is the last thing you may want to do. The consequence of contravening immigration rules or resident procedures can the dire. Indeed, understanding a foreign country’s immigration rules can be very difficult, even so, when such rules are written in a difficult legal language. This article intends not to interpret the Japan immigration rules, but just to provide the foreigner in Japan with information on how to avoid engaging in unauthorized activities but rather getting a permit to undertake legal activities.

Japan Visas and Residence Statuses

Like many other countries, Japan has several categories of visas and accompanying resident statuses. Each category of visa has its requirements and the kind of activities permissible for holders. For information on the various categories of visas, accompanying residence statuses and requirements for obtaining them. You may visit or the official website of the Immigration Bureau of Japan at for details.
The general message is however that once you decide to engage in any activity that earns income, you must know whether it is permissible under your visa category and/or resident status. The way out is to visit the web addresses provided above and/or the regional immigration bureau office which is located in at Shinagawa in Tokyo and get the right and timely information.

International Students, Work Permit, and Part-time Job

As an international student myself, I have undergone the procedure for obtaining a work permit to engage in part-time job after school, therefore it is only appropriate to treat this issues with special attention. Even more, there are a lot of international student all over Japan who desire to secure part-time jobs to make extra income to support their studies. However, the activities permissible under the student residence status excludes activities that attract remuneration. It is thus a requirement to acquire ‘permission to engage in an activity other than those permitted by the status of residence previously’.


To do this, visit the regional immigration office located at Shinagawa, Tokyo with your passport and complete the required form. Your work permit should be ready in two to three weeks from date of application. Student work permit allows holders to work not more than 28 hours a week. It is important to note that there are restrictions on the kind of job a student can do in Japan. It is prohibited for student to work in the entertainment service/industry that may affect public morals.

Follow the right procedures as a foreigner and enjoy your stay in Japan.

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