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Hardware Engineer at Nakano-ku, Tokyo(Annual Salary: 3.5million~5million Yen)


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Company Name MAN CAPITAL .Inc (This is haken company, so this company introduce you this job.)
Job Type full time
Job Categories It Engineer
Prefecture Tokyo
Town Nakano-ku
The Nearest station 6 mins walk from Ochiai Station of Tozai Line or 6 mins walk from JR Higashi Nakano Station
Address Nakano-ku Tokyo (You can know the detail of the work place after application)
Minimum Japanese Skill N1
Working Hours from 9:00 to 18:00 (It can be differed a little) Holiday: Saturday, Sunday, National Holiday (It can be differed a little)
Minimum Working Hours per Week At least 5 days per week. This is full-time job.
Wages(per hour) Annual Salary: 3.5million~5million Yen
Transportation expense partly paid
The Detail of the Job [detail]
Detail Job Title: Supporting Data Center Job Categories: Hardware Engineering: Maintenance and exchange of Clients' Hardware
[job contents]
Please do a maintenance support for Hardware (Server, Storage, etc) in Data Center of clients. At first, you will be accompanied by an engineer who is in charge of training and work according to directions. You can learn how to manage your job and special terms for your job. If you have anything that you do not understand, you can easily ask and be taught. After you get used to your job, you will go to working places by your own
[job flow]
▼Request When a customer requests a repair, you will do hearings for trouble by phone or email.
▼Report After you check the customer's situation, you will report the problem to engineers in foreign offices (US, India, etc) and ask for the direction to fix the problem.
▼Date Adjustment You will adjust date and time you will visit your customer
▼Field Operation You will work according to a manual of a manufacturer. If you have anything you are not sure of, youw ill ask engineers overseas again.
▼Confirmation After the exchange of hardware, our client will confirm your work.
▼Your Work Report After the repair, you will write a report and submit it. This is the whole process of your job.
[Who you are going to work with]
After you enter our company, you will be required to receive a training under an Indian engineer. He has a work experience at a major computer manufacturer and a group enterprise of TERiX in India. At this moment, he is working with us a group enterprise in Japanese. He is still 20s, but he is a good engineer with intelligence and a high level of IT literacy. Also, you may have opportunities to communicate with an engineer manager who is in charge of our maintenance service sector. He is one of startup members of our company and have a passion toward popularizing a high quality service of TERiX in Japan. He is still 30s and a hard worker.
Requirement [Required Skills]
・Business level English, Japanese Fluency, Driver Licence
[Preferred Skills]
・Hardware Experience 1~3 years (For example, IBM, Sun, Dell, etc)
[English Skills]
Language Level: ability to use in meetings
[Japanese Skills]
Language Level: Ability to use in meetings
Holiday: Saturday, Sunday and National Holiday What you can recieve: Welfare, Social Security
Experience refer to requirement

*This job is only for those who currently live in Japan. Please don't apply from outside of Japan.

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