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Improve your Japanese reading skills

3 must have apps for your smartphone!

Before you start reading Japanese newspapers and manga, you need to download these free apps.

Flashcard apps

Before memorizing kanji, you need to memorize hiragana and katana. Luckily AnkiApp can help you memorize all three! AnkiApp also allows you to download many other “decks” for free, so you can study many other subjects and languages.


AnkiApp is great for memorizing kanji

Japanese Dictionaries

JED for Android and imiwa? for iOS are great offline Japanese dictionaries. You can search kanji by radicals, and, the great thing about these about these dictionaries is that they both show you the stroke order of kanji.


Learning stroke order will help you to more easily identify kanji

Kanji Recognizers


It may take a few tries, but being able to draw kanji will really help with your memorization!

If you’re having trouble identifying kanji, kanji recognizers can help out a lot! If you see a kanji that you don’t know, you can just draw the kanji with your finger and the kanji recognizer will identify it. Then, look up the kanji in your dictionary and learn its stroke order. Kanji Recognizer for Android and Yomiwa for iOS are good kanji recognizers.

Also, if your online, you can also use on your smartphone or computer. If you don’t know the stroke order, make sure you check “Ignore stroke order”.



Learning to read Japanese is difficult, but by using these apps every day while you’re on the train or just relaxing at home, you will see improvement.

Of course you will need to use other resources too, and there are many other great free apps to help you learn Japanese. So what are your favorites apps or books to help you learn Japanese? Let us know by leaving your comments below on our Facebook page!


The following are all free apps for studying Japanese for Android and iOS. They are all available on the Japanese versions of the Apple App Store and Google Play.


Flashcard app


Japanese/English dictionary

   JED Japanese Dictionary

Kanji recognizer

   Kanji Recognizer


Flashcard app


Japanese/English dictionary


Kanji recognizer






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