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Recommended Japanese sightseeing areas

When you come to Japan, you may want to go to some famous sightseeing areas. We will list some areas worth sightseeing.




Firstly, we strongly recommend you go to Kyoto. Of sightseeing spots in Kyoto, you should go to especially kinkakuzi―the Temple of the Golden Pavilion.

The Temple of the Golden Pavilion was built more than 600 years ago by Shogun Yoshimitsu Ashikaga. The sound of golden may make you think that the site would be garish, but not at all. It is very beautiful and elegant.

In Kyoto, another area where you should go is the Grand Shrine of Fushimi Inari. It is the head shrine of all Inari shrines in Japan. There are red many Toriis. You can see fantastic sight. If you visit this two spots, you can not only be exposed to Japanese culture but also enjoy visually.




Secondly, the area where we recommend for you to go is the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum. There are the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park and The “Atomic Dome”―the skeletal domed building in Hiroshima which still stands to commemorate the dropping of the atom bomb around here. So you can visit these spots soon. Japan is the only nation to have been hit by nuclear bombs. You can know the horrors of nuclear bombs only here. And you will regard the horrors of war seriously. It may make you very sad, but you can get opportunity to think about peace.

Another recommended spot in Hiroshima, we suggest The Itsukushima shrine. This shrine is the head shrine out of 500 shrines in Japan. In 1996, this shrine was recognized as world heritage. At high tide, the shrine appears to be floating on the water, while at low tide it is possible to approach the shrine on foot along the beach.




Thirdly, it will be fun to go to Okinawa. Okinawa is a popular sightseeing area among Japanese. Most popular sightseeing spot is Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium. Chura is Okinawa’s dialect and it means beautiful. In other words, Churaumi means beautiful sea. If you visit this aquarium, you can feel that you get into the world of cobalt blue.

Another popular sightseeing area in Okinawa is Shurijou. It was the palace of the kings of Ryukyu for about 450 years until the Meiji Restoration. The construction techniques of Shurijou is unique and great. This is because Ryukyu had active trade with China from the 14th to 16th centuries, it was influenced by Chinese architecture.




Finally, we introduce recommended sightseeing areas in Tokyo. Asakusa is one of the famous spots. There is Kaminarimon Gate. On either side of this gate, there are 2 large statues of Fujin and Raijin. When you enter at the gate, you can go to the Nakamise Shopping Street. You can buy some souvenirs. Going straight ahead down this street, you get to Sensoji Temple. You can buy some good-luck charm and pull out omikuzis in this place.

The Tokyo Sky Tree located close to Asakusa. It is a new sightseeing spot which was opened on 2012. Tokyo Sky Tree have two observation decks 350 and 450 meters above the ground. You can enter this deck until 9:00 p.m. If you go there at night, you can see a wonderful night view.




How did you like it? We hope you will have a good trip!!

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