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Self-studying Japanese via the best 3 youtube channels

If you are a foreigner, you may think that Japanese study is not easy at all. Besides fifty sounds of hiragana and katakana, there are lots of kanjis to be learned. However, they are only in basic level of Japanese! If you would like to work in Japan, you also have to know business Japanese which shall be more polite to people but also more difficult for you to master it.

Don’t worry! Even though it sounds complicated, there are lots of ways to study and improve your Japanese efficiently. Many people will suggest you to watch different types of Japanese drama series and movies every day while start self-studying Japanese at the beginning. Honestly, the more you listen, the faster you can learn. Moreover, there are plenty of online channels that teaches Japanese nowadays which are in funny or practical way. You can choose whatever you like to fit your learning style!

Here are the best 3 Youtube channels would like to be recommended to all of you who plan to self-study Japanese or improve your Japanese in a faster way.

1. Learn Japanese with

This is one of the most systemic channels in Youtube to learn Japanese, it gives you a thorough language journey. A Japanese girl will teach you from the basic pronunciation of fifty sounds of hiragana and katakana to the in-depth levels of Japanese grammar. You’ll get to see the exact numerical quantity of Japanese vocabulary that can be learned from each video. You might be surprised at how much great information they all provide. There are also some listening exercises for you to practice.



2. Learn Japanese From Zero!

This channel is less systematic than the previous one but still comprehensive. The series of “Japanese in 5” is high recommended to all of you if you don’t have much time on that day. Each video is only in 5 minutes with different topics such as common grammar mistakes or vocabulary confusions. It is really useful and practical in daily life.


3. Nami Ohara

Learning language is always tough at the beginning since it requires heavy memory for over thousands of different pronunciation. This channel is not very popular so far but is also highly recommended for you if you would like to learn Japanese in funny way. You might fall in love the “Rap series – Learn Japanese” and “Japanese Song – Learn Japanese” a lot! The fifty sounds of hiragana and katakana and some common vocabularies such as time, number, days of week are being arranged as lyrics of songs. While start studying Japanese, people always find it is quite difficult to memorize the pronunciation of “days of month”, “the days of week” and some classifiers in such short period. However, those songs really helped me to memorize very quickly. You can definitely sing it together when studying.


Of course, the above ones are not the only three channels you can learn Japanese. Hope it can help you a bit. Enjoy and happy learning together!

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