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The 5 most popular souvenirs in Japan

If you visit Japan, you will buy some souvenirs, right?

But it may be difficult for you to select your souvenirs.

So, I introduce you the 5 most popular souvernirs in Japan.


This picture refers to
Yunomi is a form of teacup in Japan. When you drink tea at meals, you use yunomi. If you give your friends yunomi and tea as a souvenir, they will be happy because they can feel as if they were in Japan as they drink tea with yunomi.


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Have you ever seen these beautiful girls with these gorgeous dress? This gorgeous dress is kimono in Japanese.

Kimono is Japanese traditional garment worn by women and children. Kimono is difficult even for Japanese to wear, so if you want to buy it, you should master how to wear it. But, you don`t need to worry. In some places, teachers help you get dressed.

3,Anime goods

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Do you like some animes in Japan? Many animes were born in Japan. If your friends like some animes, you should buy anime goods as souvenirs for your friends. There are many anime goods shops in Akihabara.

There are many types of anime goods such as figures, pillows, seals, chopsticks and cards. You can select the type considering your budget.

4,Japanese snacks

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Japanese snacks are so nice that they are sold all over the world. But you can get only standard snacks in your country. If you come to Japan, you should buy special snacks only sold in Japan.

The above picture is “Kinoko no Yama”. It is the mountain of mushrooms in English. It looks like mushroom but the top of it is made of chocolate. It is so popular in Japan and we recommend you.

5,Nihontou (Japanese sword)


This refers to

Of course you cannot buy real nihontou. But, you can buy replica and sword-like umbrella.

If you buy it and swing it, you feel like you were Samurai.

How was it?
The above 5 are famous, but there are more souvenirs in Japan.
If you are interested in Japanese souvenirs, please go to “Omiyage” shop in Japan.(“Omiyage” is souvenirs in Japanese.)


If you want these souvenirs, please contact us from the below form.

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