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4 Easy to Apply Japanese Credit Cards for Foreigners

Applying for credit cards is a difference experience for everyone. For some people, they get lucky and receive their credit card without much issues, but for many people, applying for a credit can be very frustrating. My experience with applying for a credit card involves sending back several application forms, including one with information of my guardian’s whereabouts in a foreign country, and the next step involves sending a copy of my bank book and identification. Moreover, some credit card issuers even reject foreign applicants, making the process even more complicated and frustrating. Here is a guide with some steps in order for you to make your credit card application a whole lot easier.

For the uninitiated, applying for a credit card in Japan may not be as easy as it seems. While the application process varies, in the worst case scenario that they actually accept foreigners, not only would you have to fill out a long application form (either online or by mail), you might have to prepare a copy of your identification, as well as the period of time in which you are allowed to stay in Japan (滞在期間).

In addition, there are sometimes restrictions in the age in which you are allowed to apply for a credit card, which is 20 in Japan. If you happen to be under 20, be prepared to handle additional troubles that can come in your way.

Another issue when applying for a credit card is your income. If you are a student without any source of income, it could be harder for you to get a credit card, even if you have plenty of money and are receiving financial support from your parents. To supplement this, consider getting a part time job.

With that being said, here is a list of easily accessible credit cards for foreigners:


Life Card

Brand: JCB, Visa, MasterCard

Annual fee: No annual fee

Rewards: Point system (5x more points if you use the credit card within a month of your birthday, 1.5x within a year of obtaining the credit card)


Rakuten Card

Brand: JCB, Visa, MasterCard

Annual fee: No annual fee

Rewards: Point system (more points gained through using Rakuten systems)

Note: The application form is available in different languages


Credit cards recommended for students:

Mitsui Sumitomo Debut Plus Card

Brand: Visa

Annual fee: Free as long as it is used more than once per year

Rewards: Point system (2x more than usual)

Note: You can only apply for this card if you are within the age of 18-25


JCB Card Extage

Brand: JCB

Annual fee: Free for up to 5 years

Rewards: Point system (3x more points the first 3 months of obtaining the credit card, 1.5x within the first year)

Note: You can only apply for this card if you are within the age of 18-29

If you are over 29, then consider other options or applying for the standard JCB card here:


About the point system:

All credit cards listed above have a point system. Points are usually earned through purchases, with the ratio specified in the card information. The selling point of these cards are usually the point system, as well as the fact that they are usually free of annual fees. Points can be converted to gift cards. For example, the points gained from Life Card can be converted to Amazon gift cards, or other forms of gift cards.

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