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An Interview with a Malaysian Working in Japan Part 2

Last time we did an interview with AS (link is here: concerning his background and how his work experience in Japan is like so far. We asked several general questions regarding his experience, but this time we will take a more in depth look at the tasks concerning his job, how he got the job, and several problems concerning his work and how he managed to overcome the problem.

Last time you said you worked in an app company. Can you elaborate more on how the work goes?

AS: Well I do work at an app company, but I do none of the programming. I’m actually doing user analytics. That means I analyse user patterns, detect and define problems based on it, and also think of solutions to said problems. And also the usual daily updating of spreadsheets.


Can you explain how you got the job in the first place and the process afterwards?

Disclaimer: This interview is not sponsored by Akamonkai.

I got my job from my language school Akamonkai. My school provides excellent support for students looking for work. Funny things is, when my company first started looking for staff, the job description was Malaysian translator. Anyway after I decided to take the job, the school made some calls, got into an interview, and i passed.


What are the necessary qualifications or skills required for your work? Is it necessary to have a good understanding of Japanese in order to work for your company?

AS: Truth be told, other than good Japanese which I stressed before, I would think you just need some knowledge in Excel and an idea of problem solving. I learned most of the things I do in the company after I was hired.


Give us an example of several failures or miscommunication you had so far and tell us how you managed to overcome the problem.

AS: There’s a lot honestly. But most of them is when my boss asked me to do A and B, and from the way I understand it I did C. Obviously I need to redo the work. To overcome this you simply need to ask if you do not understand something, and never pretend that you understand everything. Nothing wrong with not knowing things.


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