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How to fill out the application form

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In this page, we explain you about how to apply for a job after you open the job offer page in Japanese.

The flow is as below.

❶click the application button.

❷fill out the application form in Japanese

❸wait for a phone call from the manager and set up an interview

Afterwards, you go to the job interview. If you want to know how to pass the interview , please check here.

This is a youtube video which explains how to apply for a job through our web application form




❶click the application button.


If you move on to the job offer page and want to apply for it, please click the application button as above. “応募” means application. When you click it, you will be directed to the application form.


❷fill out the application form in Japanese



①kanji name

“漢字” means kanji. “氏名” means name.

If you don`t have kanji name, you can write your kana name here.

②kana name


“年” means year. “月” means month. “日” means day.


“男” means male. “女” means female.

⑤phone number

⑥e-mail address

⑦postal code



If you complete the application, please click submit button.


❸get a phone call and set up an interview


After submitting your application form, you will get a phone call from the staff and they will ask you when you can take the job interview. The entire process so far should take about 2-7 days.

Even if you get a phone call from whose number you don`t know, please take the phone because that call may be from the staff.

After you arrange the interview schedule, please prepare for the interview.

The detail of the interview is here.

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