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How to Appeal to Yourself on your Resume

When writing your resume, the free form style questions at the end of the resume tends to be the most challenging, as it tests your ability to write in Japanese. The 志望動機 section of the resume has been covered in a previous article ( This time, the article will cover the self promotion part of the resume (in Japanese, it’s usually called 自己PR, or 特技、趣味等の自己PR). There are certain qualities that appeal to Japanese employers depending on what you write on this section, so here are a few tips and tricks on what to write for this section.

By far, the most common applicants for part time jobs would normally be students. In spite of what you may think, there are actually some points that appeal to your employers. There are 3 general points of appeal that you have to consider when writing down this section of the resume: previous work experience,  experience of being in a club/organization, and interest of the job through extracurricular activities or hobbies.

1. Previous work experience

Appealing to your employer is a completely different ballgame depending on if you have experience on the job or not. Skills that you have learned previously from your work will invaluably prove handy when appealing to your employer. These include:

【Sales or service type jobs】

- Communication skills

- Passion for connecting/communicating with other people

-  Cooperation skills

- Adaptability and flexibility in doing your work


【Event staff/moving/jobs that require teamwork】

- Passion for connecting/communicating with other people

-  Cooperation skills

- Managing events/leadership role

- – Adaptability and flexibility in doing your work


【Office/factory work】

- Diligence in handling repetitive tasks (such as in a factory environment)

- Reliability in doing your work


Example statement:


This appeal statement mostly focuses on the author’s previous experience in working at a convenience store. In particular, the writer wrote about his valuable experience in handling the cash register and the complicated process of scanning the bar-code of myriads of products while handling different methods of payment. The reason why the author is emphasizing the difficulties of manning a cash register is perhaps due to the fact that the work that he/she is applying to requires those sort of skills. It’s possible that the writer is applying for a position that utilizes the cash register.


2. Experience of being part of a club/organization

If you have been part of a club or organization, you may also include that in this section since teamwork and cooperation is usually an important aspect of being in an organization. This is another point of appeal. If you have experience in leading an organization, then this is an even bigger point of appeal as you learned some skills in leading your organization and managing it. In addition, some communication skill is acquired by being part of a group.

Here is an example of how being a soccer team captain in high school can be used to appeal to your work:


While the example statement may be hard to understand, what is important is that the author notes how important communication and teamwork between members are and how it correlates with the job that the author is applying.

In general, if the job that you are applying to requires a degree of communication and teamwork, then mentioning some sort of group activity that you did in the past that highlights your ability to communicate and function in a team might earn you some appeal points.


3. Interest of the job through extracurricular activities or hobbies

Interest in the work through your hobbies and extracurricular activities may also be used as points of appeal. If you have actively participated in a club, it also shows your dedication and ability to commit, which is a potential point of appeal to your employer, especially if the club is related to the work that you are applying to. Hobbies are also a notable point of appeal if it’s related to the work. For example, if you are passionate about food, then that will be useful when applying to a job at a kitchen. Showing that your interests relate to the job is actually one of the more effective methods of appealing to your employer.

You can get creative with this one. The example statement shows how hiking taught the writer a skill that might prove useful in the job he/she is applying to:


The one skill that the author learned through hiking is perseverance. The author expresses his/her desire to demonstrate his perseverance in the work that he is applying to. There are always multiple skills that you can address through your hobbies that may be relevant to your work.

Note: example statements taken from:

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