User Guide

1. Search for jobs

Search your desired job by entering your preferences. Simply press “Search” to see the job list.


2. Read Job Details

Then you will see the job list which fits your preferences. If you are interested in the job, press “View Detail”


3. Apply

After pressing “View Detail”. You can see the detailed information of the job. If you would like to proceed to apply for the job, please click on the “Apply Online” button.


4. Fill in the application form

After you click the “Apply Online” button, the application form will appear. Please kindly fill it in.

*Japanese application form may come up for some of the jobs. Please see here for the instruction of filling in the Japanese application form here.

5. After submitting the application

i. You will receive some e-mails confirming that the application is well-received.

ii. The company that you applied to will contact you within one week. Please be prepared.

6. Prepare for the interview

Some jobs may require interview. In that case, other than your ID document, you may need to prepare for your CV as well.

7. Take the Interview

Please wear clean and tidy clothes and bring with all the documents needed to attend the interview. Good Luck!



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