Visa Types and Eligibility to work


Please kindly refer to your Residence Card at (1) and (2) to check if you can apply job through us.

(1)Visa Status

(2)Working Eligibility

Can you apply @JapanWork

Specific Visa
— Spouse or child of Japanese national
— Spouse of permanent Resident
— Long-term resident

No Restriction


Designated Activities
— Working Holiday

No restriction


General Visa
— Cultural activities
— Student
— Training
— Dependent (Family Stay)
— General Visa: Technical intern training
— Refugee

Not allowed

Yes, but you have to get the work permit from Immigration Department

To apply for the work permit, please fill in the application form and the relevant documents to the Immigration Bureau.

For the application form and more information, please visit the website of the Ministry of Justice at

Working Visa
— Professor
— Artist
— Religious activities
— Journalist
— Business Manager
— Legal/Accounting Services
— Medical Services
— Researcher
— Instructor
— Engineer, Specialist in humanities, International services
— Intra-company transferee
— Entertainer
— Skilled labor

Specific field only

*Within the scope of the visa

Diplomatic Visa
— Diplomat

Official Visa
— Official

Specific field only


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